Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Read this lah"

Most knows about Singlish, which is very popular in Singapore. "Don't play play", "I scratch your back, your scratch my back" that's what we heard when we watched the popular Singaporean sitcom, "Phua Chu Kang". The show was put under pressure by the Singaporean government to use proper English instead of Singlish few years back.

Here in Malaysia, everywhere, in market, "Kopitiams", shopping mall , even in corporate office, we can hear the Malaysian English. "Oh, Like that la..", "Why you don't want ler?", "Ok bah, take la..". I have a few friends from oevrseas asked me "What does la means?" Some don't include "leh", "Lah", "Bah", etc when they speak but the way the pronounce the word very funny. This is a list of what I heard :

1. "Have you fat this document to Mr. So and so?" - actually he means that "Have you fax this document to Mr. So and so?"

2. "Try this su, see can fit or not?" - Means "Try this pair of shoes, see whether it fits or not..."

3. "I bought this at Bolibart" - "I bought this at Boulevard"

4. "Let's go to Spling" - "Let's go to Spring"

5. "Please put this notice at the Show How" - " Please put this notice at the Show House"

6. "Have you call him regarding the ma-chi-ner-li?" - I have been wondering what the heck he talk about until one day I realise that he was talking about machinery.

7. When giving out phone number, "082-XXXXXX", 0 will be pronounce as jilo.

8. Affordable = Affordtable?????

9. Pizza = Pija?

10.Quotations = Kuatatsyen?

11. Original = Oligina?

12. Park = pak?

13. Wira = Wila?

14. Box = bot?

15. RHB = ah ler H B?

16. Reserve = li seve?

17. Saturday = Sakterday?

18. Courier = Kolea?

19. Amount = Ah mao?

20. Office = Offik?

21. Hello = Hallo?
22. Color= Car ler?

and some call me "Bajila". Excuse!!!! My name is Vajira not Bajila
etc, etc,
..... list to be continue.

I don't mean that I am very good in English. I just feel funny that why some can't try their best to speak better English. I am learning and try to improve too. "Ok lah, I am lazy liao. Enough for now. "

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