Friday, February 6, 2009

What makes UPs & What makes DOWNs?

Don't get me wrong. I am not talking about Economic, position in certain situation, the escalators, etc. I am talking about LIFE. Life has its UPs and DOWNs, sometimes we feel good, sometimes we feel bad. For me, I think it's good that sometimes we feel bad because if you never feel bad, how do you know that feeling good is good?

I got a list of what makes people feel UPs and DOWNs.


1. Because of feeling bored.
2. Stress at work
3. Not enough money
4. No increment or the amount of increment is just enough to buy a pair of shoes.
5. No Bonus.
6. Just broken up.

7. Just had an argument with someone.
8. Love ones misunderstood us.
9. Met an accident
10. Receive a bill which you have no idea how to pay
11. Saw something you love so much in the mall but can't afford to buy
12. Found out that your spouse went out with his or her ex.
13. Found out that your spouse sending sweet messages to his of her ex.
14. Your boss gives the credit to your colleague while the work is not done by him or her but by YOU.
15. Found out that your teenage daughter is pregnant.
16. Got a called from the police or the school that your kid was caught for committing crime.
17. Somebody you love so much just died.
18. Lost your pet.
19. The so called broadband in Malaysia is slower than 56k dial up connection and causing you unable to surf the net, end up feeling frustrated.
20. Got fired by the company.
21. Annoyed by someone that you hate so much.
22. Got prank calls more than 4 times in a day.
23. Someone you love doesn't love you and you discover that he or she loves you best friend.
24. Your best friend cheated on you.
25. Found out that your spouse actually is bisexual.

26. Failed the exams.
to be continued...Now for the UPs.
1. Falling in love.

2. Got promoted.
3. Good increment.
4. Good bonus.
5. Becoming rich.
6. Somebody wooing you.
7. Someone give you something that you've been longing for.
8. Someone you love showing that he or she loves you very much.
9. Finally found the house that you wanted.
10. At last the renovation for the house is completed.
11. Somebody you care, just come back from somewhere far.
12. Got the chance to travel to some beautiful place.
13. Got a scholarship for university in overseas.
14. Got a PR in other countries.
15. Free from financial burden.
16. Got pregnant if you are married or your wife is pregnant.
17. Got a new pet.
18. Everybody loves your cooking.
19. Somebody says your baby is cute.
20. Somebody says your spouse is pretty or handsome.
22. Your love one stop keeping in touch with his or her Exs.
23. Someone says you look pretty or handsome.
24. Walking out from the mall with bags of your favorite items.
25. Came out from a good restaurant, tummy filled with delicious food.
to be continued.

Time for me to go to bed now before I can't sleep, end up feeling very sleepy in the office tomorrow.

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