Wednesday, December 31, 2008

~* Goodbye to 2008, Welcome to 2009 * ~

Today is the last day of 2008 and also the first day I start blogging. Been wanting to blog since ages ago, only now I have the time to start blogging. As this is the first entry for this blog, I would like blog about what are the things happened to me in 2008:

1. February, 14 - This was the first time I celebrated Valentines Day with my darling. He surprised me by placing 1 stalk of rose at his car seat. Brought me to do all the stuff that we need to do for our engagement preparation. In the evening, he brought me to Secret Recipe. We ordered valentines set dinner. The food was nice and I am satisfy with the dinner except the soup.Because of they don't have any mushroom soup left, they gave us pumpkin soup without informing us. That was kinda bad, because I hate pumpkins.

2. Got engaged on 18 February to Jason Poh. I never thought that I will get engaged so fast. We just started last year June, 18. Many said that we engaged too fast. It was fast but if we really love each other and we really wanted to be together for whole life, why not? after all it is just an engagement, it's not getting married. Before the engagement, I were really excited bout the engagement and been wondering how life would be after getting engaged. Will he still treat me the same? better or worst? Well, after engaged to him for more than 10 months, I can say that in fact he treat me even better than before. I was lucky to have him. I feel very thankful to have him.

Our engagement annoucement in Borneo Post. It was designed by me.

Card that was attached to our engagement candy box.

3. March - My beloved cat, Tom who was with us for 13 years died. It was a very painful experience for us to accept that he was gone.. He was diagnosed with kidney failure before he pass away. Well, in life there is no way we can escape from this. Everyone will die one day.

4. April- Went back to Australia again! but this time was to attend Septee's graduation. Love to go back there again and sad to leave. We ( My parents & I) stop by at Singapore for a few days for shopping before coming back to Kuching.

Septee and I at the Uni Main Entrance

5. April, 18 - Mom and Dad placed reservation for seafood dinner buffet at poolside Riverside Majestic and darling bought me a DKNY watch. I like the dinner and the watch.

Birthday gift by Darling

5. August, 21 - Got myself a Chihuahua. Been wanting a chi since i studied in Australia. I remembered I always go to pet shop to look at chi. He is now 15 months old. Very Hyper and very cute. I love him very much. Miss him during work.

That's my chi wearing hoodies bought by mom few weeks ago. The back of the hoodies was "I love to Flirt" on it.

Well, that's all about the hlighlights of what happened in 2008. I hope that 2009 gonna be a better year for me.