Monday, January 5, 2009

Aussie tale of love in the outback

G'day Mate. As this is my first entry for 2009, I would like share my review about the first movie I've watched in 2009. Not many movies can attract my attention, maybe that's why my fiance always tagged me as "Not a real movie person". This movie attracted me because of the title. I love Australia. Until today I still love that place very much. I feel so regret for coming back here, I should have stay back for another semester by postponing my exams. That was the biggest mistake that I ever made. Sigh, I just need to wait for the right time to come, to make some arrangement to go back there again.

Ok, now back to the movie. Lady Sarah Ashely ( Nicole Kidman), an uppercrust Brit who believes her husband's cheating on her. Sarah packs up dozens of bags and hightails it to Australia after her husband refuses to return home from tending to their business interests down under. She wants to find out who he's cheating with and to get him to sell of their land and go back to England. Her plan was changed when she found out that her husband was dead when she reaches Down Under.

She fell in love with the Drover ( Hugh Jackman) and Nullah( the little boy). Nullah was so cute. He is a child of the stolen generation, son of Neil Fletcher and Daisy.


I like the the way Nullah speaks, very adorable. Tears were rolling down from my cheeks when I watched the scene that Nullah was taken to the Mission Island.

Now I am looking forward to watch the 3D movie that is coming soon and also Chihuahua of Beveryl Hills. I am still waiting for Chihuahua of Beverly Hills. Seems like they won't be showed in the cinema.

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