Friday, January 9, 2009

It's "winter" in Kuching Today.

I feel so lazy when I woke up today and I were thinking how nice it would be if I can continue sleeping in my bed under my blanket, hugging my pillows. Too bad I cant because I have to go to work today. Feeling bored right now. That's why I log on the blogspot and add a new post now. It's cold today. If you just came back from overseas, you will feel that is hot right now here in Kuching because it is 26 degree celsius. 26 degree celsius is considered cold in kuching because it is unusual. That's why I said it's "winter" in Kuching today. I ever experience -2 degree clesius when I was in Australia during winter time. I had a terrible fever when came back to Kuching 1 year ago. That was my worst fever ever. Now I am adapted to Kuching's weather. This is considered cold for me. I do miss winter in Australia, I still remember clearly how much I suffered when I just arrive there during winter time and that time was one of the coldest winter in more than 10 years. Hope that the plan for this year go smoothly and I will go back and enjoy winter in Australia again. :)

Winter at Stanthorpe

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